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Literally Bursting With Excitement

Susan Notes:

"Hey, it was just a little
pee" seems to sum it up

by a teacher

My friends are jazzed. It is almost vacation
and it is all they can do to hold it together.
I am also barely holding it together as I
alternate between panicking over how much I
have left to do before the holidays and
fantasizing about all that extra sleep...

In my classroom, it is time for wrapping
everything up so that we can start fresh in
'09. Today I asked Curly Girl (no, not Curly,
but one of my new super faves....it just so
happens she also has curly hair. Maybe I am
curl-ist? Pro-curls? ) to work on a special
project at the back of the classroom with
Smarty Pants (another girl who I am totally
digging lately. I know, what's with all the
girls as faves since I typically love the bad
boys...). They are independent and basically
total rock stars so I knew I could trust them.

The rest of my friends were on the carpet when
Smarty Pants enthusiastically raises her hand
and says, "We need help!"

Thinking that they just need more paint or
something, I say, "What is it?"

Smarty Pants answers, "Curly Girl just peed all
over herself and the floor and we need help
with the puddle."

Ah, yes. Of COURSE that's the problem. Urine is
just what I need to make my tenuous hold on the
class' brimming excitement to dissolve into

Oddly though, no one laughed or said anything.
I knew they heard Smarty Pants. So what was the
deal? Was this empathy? A mature response? Or
perhaps, is no listening to a freaking thing
this close to vacation?

As soon as I send the rest of the group back to
their seats, I make my way to the back of the
classroom to check out Curly Girl and her
infamous puddle. Expecting to find her sobbing
behind the art center, I am surprised when I
see her diligently painting away, with her
pants rolled up to her knees to stay out of the
puddle, acting as if nothing has happened.

Me: Curly Girl, are you OK? What happened?
Curly Girl: I BURST!
Me: (Trying not to laugh) Why didn't you ask to
go to the bathroom?
Curly Girl: I was so into the project that I
just didn't.
Me: (Shocked that Curly Girl is handling this
better than I am.) What can I do to help you?
Curly Girl: You know anyone who can take care
of this? (Indicates puddle of pee.)
Me: Um, yea. (still tyring not to laugh). What
can I do for YOU? Do you want to go to the
bathroom and I'll call mom?
Curly Girl: Sounds good...let me just finish
this up.

And she happily goes back to painting. A couple
of minutes later, she cleans off her paint
brush, nimbly leaps over her own pee and heads
to the bathroom.

When mom arrives with a clean pair of pants, I
tell her the story. Mom and I have a good laugh
while Curly Girl goes to the bathroom yet
again, this time to change her pants. It is
close to the end of the day, so I tell her it
is OK if she wants to go home with mom. She
insists on staying in school, stating, "Hey, it
was just a little pee."

Words of wisdom from my little friend that I am
going to use to get me through the rest of the
holidays. When I am freaking out about not
having the right bow, or only getting through
the Ws on my Christmas card list, I will think,
"hey, it's all just a little pee."

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