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Why I love Grattan

Susan Notes:

Thanks to Caroline Grannon for the tip on this. The SF K Files blog put out a call for short essays about "Why I Love My Kid's School." Enjoy this parent's tribute.

by Christine Kilpatrick

I love Grattan because it's convenient. It's a 10-minute bus ride from the Inner Sunset and then I can take the N-Judah to work. I love the Montessori preschool that picks him up after school and gives him little things on trays to play with. I love the morning assembly -- if I blow the 7:50 a.m. start time, I can sneak my son into the kindergarten classroom afterwards.

I don't know the other parents very well, but they seem nice. I hope to talk to them more someday. I plan to donate money to the school as soon as I can pay my bills without freaking out and donate time as soon as I manage six hours of sleep on a regular basis. But I try. I've brought Purrell for field trips and socks for snowman dolls and if anyone needs some used 11x17 office paper, I'm there.

Grattan has opened up a whole world of letters and numbers for my son. He wants a desk for Christmas, that's how much he loves the schoolwork. Every day I notice new skills. I know little about his school day -- it baffles me how other parents talk about how "engaged" their children are in the classroom. How do they know? I ask my son, but he just says "nothing" or "I couldn't open my milk at lunch." One time he really shared and said "We talked about algae." I was very excited.

He does talk about the "Caught in the Act" program, where the principal calls children's names during assembly and talks about good things theyĆ¢€™ve done. I really love Mrs. Robertson. I've never spoken to her, but if I were one of the students, I would try to follow her around all day. She has that kind of aura.

When we learned of our son's assignment to Grattan, I cried. That assignment meant we didn't have to move, buy a car or pay tuition. It meant the family could be together at dinnertime (no long commute or second job). Grattan makes me feel secure. These are not secure times -- heaven knows I feel like I live on a cliff in Pacifica these days -- but Grattan has this family's back. And they teach my son about algae.

— Christine Kilpatrick
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