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Radio Interview with Jo Scott-Coe Teacher at Point Blank

Susan Notes:

The Good News is that an experienced teacher is given the opportunity to speak out in the media. In an interview, Jo Scott-Coe, veteran teacher and author of Teacher at Point Blank: Confronting Sexuality, Violence, and Secrets in a Suburban School, talks about her craft--and why she left high school teaching. Her message is thought-provoking and sobering.

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Here are some points Jo Scott-Coe offers for people to consider.

  • How teachers are self-silencing

  • The difficulties teachers have with adult mentorship

  • If you only worry about test scores and not about humanity, bad things are going to happen.

  • This criminality of unregulated testing of our students who are captive

  • It becomes "We must fix the data."

  • There's a need for the system to keep failing because it's profitable.

  • Teachers are bullied into teaching kids to pass the test. Then kids get to community college and wonder why they're in remedial classes in community college, told they don't know how to right. They ask, 'What do you mean I can't write? I passed the test.'"

  • Testing as surveillance: Getting people used to being surveyed.

  • We must stop being solutions addicted--without looking at the problem. We need to look at who people are in schools. We need to talk to teachers who've been around for a long time. You can't talk to Teach for America people who are starting up some new enterprise.

  • We need to have a conversation about poverty, about our social net.
  • — Jo Scott-Coe
    Radio Station KEXP



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