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Jon Stewart's hysterical defense of teachers

Susan Notes:

Ohanian Comment: I'm probably the only one in the country who doesn't enjoy Jon Stewart's "humor." Be that as it may, let's hope he helps a few people see that they should fight Bill Gates and Arne Duncan.

One Stewart idea: Let's dissassemble our children, ship them to China. . . after they're educated there, ship them back, & reassemble them.

Click on the hot link from the Answer Sheet, and you will be taken to the Stewart video.

By Valerie Strauss

Jon Stewart (finally) did a hysterical bit on Monday night’s "Daily Show" about the preposterous attacks on the nation's public school teachers, who have been accused by school "reformers" of being lazy, greedy and lousy at their jobs.

Stewart hasn't done much on the issue of education reform in the past, but this week he is diving in -- last night with his attack on teacher attackers, and on Thursday night with a visit by education historian Diane Ravitch to talk about what she calls our “national insanity” over school reform.

Ravitch, author of the best-selling "The Death and Life of the Great American School System," has emerged as the most prominent voice against the corporate-driven, standardized-test-focused school reform era. Already teachers who have heard the news are planning to go to the studio to cheer her on -- even without tickets.

Stewart was at his best last night, showing clips of commentators and guests on Fox News for:

*Having an easy job -- "It's a part-time job; they are done at 2:30," one Fox news guest said.

*Being lazy -- "Teachers know the kids are going to be in the seats and the taxpayers are just going to be sending in the money no matter how poorly they do. They have no incentive to do a great job."

You get the idea. Stewart laid bare the preposterousness of such thinking, and then spoke directly to teachers, starting by saying:

"You are destroying America. Yeah. Look at you, with your chalk-stained irregular blouses from Loehmans, and your Hyundai with its powered steering and its wind shield. I guess bugs hitting you in the face doesn't cut it for old Mr. Chips. ... Three months vacation every summer. Special textbooks with all the answers in them. ... The greed that led you into the teaching profession has led to the corruption of it. [Then in a high mimicking voice:] 'But John, there is a correlation between poverty and poor test scores. Teachers shouldn't bear the total blame for a larger systemic failure.' Pish posh piffle! If you can’t create a competitive labor environment for us to school our children, someone else will. I’m recommending right now that ... Americans look into outsourcing our children’s education. Now obviously, we cannot fly in thousands of Chinese teachers ... [Let's] disassemble our children, ship them and have them reassembled over there."

Watch the whole video. It will make you laugh and cry.

— Valerie Strauss/Jon Stewart
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