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Singalong to Save Our Schools: Meet You at the Ellipse July 30

Susan Notes:

Cap Lee will lead the crowd in singing these songs. You can hear these songs--and many more (and buy the CD) at CD Baby:

Bring Back the Joy! featuring Tom Chapin, David HB Drake, George Grove, Skip Jones, Stuart Stotts & Dangerous Folk

NOTE: I buy from CD Baby just to get their unique and wonderful e-mail response. There is nothing like it. If you ever need something to perk up your day, buy a CD from them--and then wait for the joy to arrive in your e-mail.

Here's a list of songs on the CD:

1. Save our Schools
2. What did you learn in School today?
3. For whom the Bell Curves
4. No Child Left Behind
5. Free the Child
6. Test the Kids
7. No Child Left Untested
8. Flowers are Red
9. So Many Ways to be Smart
10. Someone taught me
11. New Tomorrows
12. Leave it like it is
13. How could anyone ever tell you?
14. Cancion de la Communidad
15. These schools are your schools

Where: The Ellipse, Washington, DC

When: July 30, 2011

Why: Save Our Schools

Imperative: BE THERE!

Save Our Schools

tune, "Skip to my Lou"
words by Susan Ohanian adaptations, Cap Lee

Lost school funding what’ll I do
Lost school funding what’ll I do
Books Are old computers too
What will we do for children

Save save save our schools
Save save save our schools
Save save save our schools
Save them for our children

Started a new school called WOO
Steve Orel and students whose
Opportunities through and through
World that’s new for children


High stakes testing they pushed through
Hurting students teachers too
Let our natural gifts show through
That’s what we’ll do for children


Gotta join hands both me and you
Find my buddies kids join too
They’re the future of our schools
That’s what we’ll do for children


Test the Kids

Tune, "If You’re Happy and You Know It"
words by Susan Ohanian adaptations, Cap Lee

No child left behind says test the kids
While teachers are maligned test the kids
If the CEO's are liars put the kids feet to the fire
Shouting vouchers we desire test the kids

If your schools they are crumbling test the kids
And congress it is bumbling test the kids
Business wants more competition and public school demolition
It's a hunting expedition test the kids

If third graders they don’t pass test the kids
Reading first keeps them last test the kids
If kindergartners lose their recess just to study for the big test
Turning schools into a real mess test the kids

If test scores are mistaken test the kids
And the companies are faking test the kids
When it's their fault that kids fail losing test scores in the mail
Put those responsible in jail

In higher math they must advance-- test the kids
But they may no sing or dance-- test the kids
If your school it is so boring kids do'’t get up in the morning
And the test scores still aren't soaring-- test the kids


If you cannot find Osama test the kids
If the market hurts your mama-- test the kids
If CEO's are liars make schools funeral pyres
Screaming vouchers we desire-- test the kids

These Schools Are Your Schools
Tune, "This Land Is Your Land"
words by Susan Ohanian adaptations, Cap Lee

These schools are your schools these schools are our schools
No politicians rewriting our rules, no bubble test sheets or unfair standards
These schools are made for you and me

As I was teaching that lesson of history,
I saw around me a wondrous mystery
I saw around me the children smiling
These schools were made for you and me


There in the classroom as I was teaching,
With children singing their own goals reaching
Then the state mandated a score for reading
They took this school from you and me


In the shadow of congress, my students are waiting
I hear laws passing without debating
When the kids are needy I stand here asking
Are these schools really made for you and me?


No right wing think tank can ever stop us,
In education no one can top us
This is our mission to shape the future
These schools are made for you and me


— Cap Lee
Whole School Education Reform



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