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What Goes On in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Vegas - The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman

Susan Notes:

First the bad news: I took multiple copies of The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman to a meeting of the fellows at National Education Policy Center and offered anybody who wanted it a free copy. Only 4 professors were interested enough to request a copy. And I think this gets at a key problem we have. Too many professors are too busy professing and avoid any kind of activism.

The good news is that I later offered a copy to a Riverside, CA kindergarten teacher--and she already had one!!!

How about those kindergarten teachers!!!

And note: Would the corporate pigs destroying our public schools ever encourage buyers to duplicate the product and pass it on?

Want to end the corporate assault on public schools? Sponsor a showing of "The Inconvenient Truth Behind 'Waiting for Superman'". Don't sit at your desk and weep about how unfair the world is. Become part of the resistance.

Just DO IT.

by Norm Scott

We send this out with every copy (7000 we've had made so far -- but apparently way beyond that).

Please share the film with your friends, family members, and colleagues and feel free to duplicate your DVD! If you do duplicate or distribute the film, please let us know. We'd love to keep track of who our film is reaching. Email: gemnyc@gmail.com

Why isn't this happening in NYC?

I am a teacher who saw "The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman" at a summer screening in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was moved and inspired by the film enough to request a copy and then make a sizable donation. Combining my enthusiasm with the permission of the film makers to share copies, I put together a cover letter and shared eighteen copies with each member of my school's PTA board.

Additionally, I put together a write-up and made copies available to my school's staff. Twenty-five copies were shared in this manner. Beyond this, I gave a glowing review and offered copies to teachers and support staff around the Valley. In this way, I sent out thirty-eight copies to other campuses.

In addition to home watchings, I know that there have been "The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman" viewing parties. Once viewed, I encourage people to pass their discs onto new potential viewers. My hope is that a large enough number of people watching the film here will either be inspired to resist the current reform movement or better yet, spark a real reform awakening. I've done what I can to pay honor to the film and spread the message to this corner of the country. I appreciate the efforts of Real Reform Studios for creating such a long overdue and well-done film! Thanks for the film and your permissions, Ryan D.

— Norm Scott and Ryan D.
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