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Grassroots Activism on the Move

Susan Notes: Three cheers for grass roots resistance.

Don Perl, Colorado teacher who refused to give the state test, is circulating a petition for a ballot initiative. If you live in Colorado, you should get involved.

If you don't live in Colorado, what are you doing in your state? We must all become resisters.

Remember Don Perl, the Colorado teacher who refused to give the state test? Don's spearheading a petition drive for an amendment to Colorado Revised Statutes. Here's something for all you Colorado activists to grab on to. And everybody else can cheer them on.

Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning the elimination of statewide student testing, and, in connection therewith, eliminating the Colorado student assessment program (CSAP), academic performance ratings, excellent school awards, and certain other provisions based on performance on statewide assessments; and replacing school ratings based on statewide assessments with school classifications based on: (1) local assessments and judgments of professional educators, or (2) the percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-cost federal lunch benefits?

Don's Notes:

There are two reasons why this appears a bit tortured. The first reason is that in a petition, by law, proponents can only address one issue. The second reason is that CSAP is all over school law, more specifically its roots are in a section of the law called School Accountability Reports. We really wanted to eliminate that. But, only one issue, perforce. So, instead of the column on the school accountability report where CSAP goes, we want local assessments and professional judgments. Also, there is this weird subsection which entitles students in low performing schools a bus token to go to another school which has scored higher. Since CSAP results are directly related to socio-economic factors, we decided that it would be more humane to simply substitute the free or reduced costs federal lunch program in lieu of CSAP results. Again, we could not do away with that section entirely without running the risk of addressing, in the eyes of the Office of the Secretary of State, more than one issue. Clear as mud?

Interested Coloradoans who are registered to vote in Colorado can contact me by phone (970) 351 - 0179, or by e-mail - dperl@myexcel.com

Do it!

— Don Perl



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