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No punishment for teachers in Seattle test boycott

Susan Notes:

I laughed when I read this. Now the superintendent is claiming that teachers weren't responsible for giving the tests anyway.

Parents give the tests in Seattle!?

I posted this in Outrage of the Day. But one reader's comments caused me to stop and think again. This reader suggested that this was a graceful way to end the situation without punishing teachers. It is a point worth considering. And I moved this item to "Good News."

For once, nobody said anything nasty about teachers.

Kudos Seattle teachers!

by Linda Shaw

Superintendent Jose Banda announced today that no teachers would be disciplined for boycotting the exams known as the Measures of Academic Progress, or MAP, this winter.

District leaders concluded that none of the protesting teachers had responsibility for administering the exams, Banda said, so they were not insubordinate by failing to carry out their duties.

At many schools, Banda said, other school staff or parents are responsible for giving the test, not teachers.

"What I found out. . . is that it's not the teachers that really do a lot of that stuff. You have a testing coordinator thatâs primarily responsible for setting up the test."

It's possible that no teachers failed in their duties because other staff members stepped in to give the exam.

At Garfield, after teachers announced their boycott in January, administrators stepped in to give the exams. Banda had earlier told Garfield teachers they would face discipline for boycotting the tests. There were definitely teachers at Garfield whose students were supposed to take MAP reading or math exams during the winter testing period, said Kris McBride, the school's academic dean and testing coordinator.

Banda called any changes in testing protocol an "internal decision."

McBride said Garfield teachers they soon will announce whether they will continue the boycott for spring testing, which is scheduled to start April 22.

Banda says he hopes they don't. Their concerns, he said, have been heard âloud and clear.â

— Linda Shaw
Seattle Times



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